As a licensed United States Coast Guard Captain, the safety of my guests has been a top priority for over 30 years. Due to the current Corona Virus climate, I am implementing the following safety measures to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for my guests:

  1. We will be practice social distancing while loading/unloading/and fishing in our 21’ boats. Extra landing nets will be scattered thought the boat to minimize mingling while netting fish (guests may get a quick lesson on netting fish for their family members/friends).
  2. I will be providing masks and gloves to all guests who want to wear them.
  3. I will be properly sanitizing all rods/reels/seats and all contact points in the boat in between all trips.
  4. I will be asking guests who feel sick or have any other cold/flu like symptoms to reschedule their trip for a later date.
  5. Any other suggestions from my guests are welcome!

Captain Josh