Captain Josh - Minnesota Fishing GuideCaptain Josh is a licensed Coast Guard Captain and has been a professional Minnesota fishing guide for over 20 years. His extensive guiding time on the water takes him to some of the best fishing areas throughout the state. Some of his favorite areas include Mille Lacs Lake, Otter Tail Lake, Leech Lake, Gull Lake, Lake Koronis, Clearwater Lake, Alexandria area lakes, and the Richmond Chain of Lakes.nster Muskies--it's all up to you. A classic Minnesota guided fishing trip is waiting for you. Yes, Shore lunch is also available!

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Captain Josh
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It happened again this week, I had to turn down another  fishing trip because I was already booked the first week in August.  How does an angler avoid that situation?  What's the best way to plan a guided fishing trip?  There are alot of factors, but the number one factor is to plan early so you dont miss the boat!

Calling to book a fishing trip with a fishing guide should be done as soon as you have decided that you are going to need a guide or want to try one. Never take for granted that the guide will be available.

A good guide will be booked months and in some cases a year in advance for certain weeks during the summer.  As a rule of thumb, June July, August and September always get booked first.  And of those months,-- believe it or not, Saturday can be the slowest day of the week due to resorts using that day as "turn-over" day.

I would say the most requested days for fishing trips are are actually week days because of the lodging schedules most resorts carry.  If I had to narrow it down further, Monday  and Tuesday are highly requested days because anglers want to learn some "tips" they can use the rest of the week on their own time--it's a smart move if your new to a lake or resort! 

 So my advice is if you want to fish on a Tuesday, call ahead sooner than you think!

How soon is soon?

I always recommend 2-3 months in advance --especially if your window of fishing time is narrow.  A good example is you are sent on a  business trip somewhere and you have the afternoon off and you think you might want to go fishing for a half day.

Another reason is that you are having a family reunion at a resort and you want to hire the boat for the entire day so everyone can get for a little bit. On the other hand, if you have a larger window of opportunity (a week long family vacation at a resort) its probably a little less crucial.  But again, if you want to hire a guide to get you on fish the first day of your stay so you can have a good week of fishing in your own boat, then I would say call 2-3 months in advance.

I knew last November I was going to Key West on a trip in Early March, so the minute I booked the flight, the next most important thing I did was book a chartered fishing trip. Packing was last on my list, LOL.

The busiest month for a good guide is all of them,  many clients are surprised that they cant get a trip booked on a Tuesday in October, a Monday in May, or a Thursday afternoon in July because the guide is already booked from the previous year.  Here's a way to look at it.   I take out 600 anglers fishing one summer and they all have fun.  And suppose 80% are able to go again next year and book when they get home or at the dock when the trip is done, that doesn't leave many openings for new clients--at least for my personal boat.  

Well thats my short story on calling ahead to get a fishing trip arranged.  Sorry for the abrupt ending (again like a bad movie) but I m going ice fishing for the last time today.  I think I hear the trumpets in the back ground.  Today is definitely a bitter sweet day, the last day of the 2009/10  ice fishing season but the beginning of the 2010/2011 season--and the boats are ready!  Good luck and Rule #1 is have fun!

Let's go fishing!
Captain Josh

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