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"Reel Addiction" Why Do You Like to Fish?
Captain Josh
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"Reel Addiction" Why Do You Like to Fish?

I like to fish for a variety of reasons and frankly for me fishing has turned  more into a sickness or disease. If I don't fish for even 3 or 4 days for some reason, I simply start to get grouchy. Is there a prescription for that?

I've tried to question  myself and wonder why I get that way, and I'm not sure why. I wonder what a shrink would say? For $100  he/she would probably say go fishing and call me in the morning. After intense (not really) contemplation, I have actually narrowed  the reasons I like to fish down to three. Take a deep breath--here they are.

The anticipation.  You know that feeling you get the night before the fishing opener, deer hunting opener, duck opener, your drivers test, or whatever it may be?--Thats how I feel before every trip.  It drives me crazy, even though I may have multiple patterns nailed to the wall, been on the water every day for weeks,  and the fish are coming in easy, there is still the anticipation of what may actually happen.  Enough said.  Another reason?--yep.

The Challenge.  Just like in any sport (actually I think fishing has more invisible factors)  there are uncontrollable/invisible  factors that create a challenging environment.  The challenge of the game.  The challenge of not knowing and trying to figure out a non-human opponent.  The challenge of trying to figure out the under water the angler cannot see.  The challenge of beating  the clock.  The challenge (when guiding) of helping others succeed.

The challenges are endless. Especially in walleye fishing where everything is usally a non-visual  event, --deep water fishing type of stuff.  Thats where the electronics come in. Sorry bass anglers, but most of your factors are visible in my opinion making it much easiers  MOST of the time.

Exception--suspended bass, deep weed edge bass, island hoppers, and even "pit" bass, oh yeh--reef bass.  Alright I guess there are more non-visuals than I forst thought--forget that.  Really, fishing is like a chess match, brain power, ambition, and a time clock.  The challenge also comes when simply picking a playing field (lake/river), the right equipment (rods/bait/etc) , the game plan  (options and plan of attack), adjusting what you really need/want to do to fit the others abilities in the boat--and still catch fish, wow--it's endless.  Simply, I like all of the challanges involved.  Reason number three.

The reward(s). Thats the obvious factor in my boat (no pun intended). The big fish, the numbers, the feel of the fight, the smile and thrill seeing others catch their big fish or first fish.  he thrill of the reward is the same for me as it was when I was 4 yrs old. Even after all of that I still need more! 

I am thinking on naming the boat "reel addiction", although I believe that belongs to a boat out of Bailey's Harbor, WI. Maybe I will simply call it "My 3 reasons", So have fun, good luck fishing, and feel free to post any info and hot fishing tips on my Minnesota Fishing Guide Service Facebook page, I would supply a direct  link, (a basic facebook search works) but Im not that good on these things, If this was a Lorance or Hummingbird "lap top"  I could... LOL

Let's Go Fishing!!
Capt. Josh

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